Workshop on Development of Biodiversity Database Framework

Indonesia is a remarkable country with very high biodiversity. We can see and feel the mother nature from marine ecosystems, beaches to mountains. This biodiversity has become an obligation for us to always maintain and preserve it.

In this special occasion, one of our activities that will be carried out by SEAMEO BIOTROP is “Workshop on Development of Biodiversity Database Framework” to discuss about how to develop a Biodiversity database within our ecosystem.

Please do not hesitate to register and join with us! The event was conducted virtually on Wednesday, 6 July 2022, at 08.00 – 12.30 AM (GMT +7).

Biodiversity Database

Figure 1. Flyer of the Workshop and FGD

In this event, I was deliver the presentation about BIODIVERSITY DATABASE Development Methods and Techniques : ICT Perspective. There are several process to develop the database such as: preparation, data collections, entry to the database platform, and data visualizations. In term of the biodiversity database, actor definitions also important. Figure 2 shown the documentation of workshop.

Figure 2. Workshop and FGD Documentation